About Us

Welcome to moblacks – Your Gateway to Musical Excellence

At moblacks, we are more than just a record label; we are a passionate community of music enthusiasts dedicated to nurturing and showcasing the finest talents in the industry. As an independent record label, we pride ourselves on our relentless pursuit of innovation and our unwavering commitment to artist development.

Discovering Talents, Crafting Dreams

Our mission is simple yet profound: to discover, nurture, and propel emerging talents into the spotlight. We’re constantly on the lookout for fresh voices and unique sounds, eager to collaborate with artists who share our vision and passion for pushing boundaries.

Touching Heaven On Frequency

Music Is The Art Of Thinking With Sounds

From Creation to Celebration

From the moment an artist joins our family, we embark on a journey together. We provide comprehensive support, from production and development to management and promotion, ensuring that every artist receives the attention and resources they need to thrive.

Breaking Barriers, Blending Genres

At moblacks, diversity is our strength. We embrace artists from all walks of life and celebrate the rich tapestry of musical genres. Whether it's hip-hop, rock, pop, or electronic, we believe that great music knows no bounds.

The Collaborative Edge

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. We partner with some of the most talented producers in the world, harnessing their expertise to elevate our artists' work to new heights.

My Customers

For artists seeking to unleash their potential, moblacks offers a range of unparalleled services
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